A freelancer's invoice is twice more likely to be paid late. Let us collect the payments for you, so you can focus on doing what you love.

Payment Collection for Freelancers

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Lyte has paid out more than $15 million to Singapore’s freelancers and small businesses.

How does it work ?

Freelancer Payment Collection

1. After the job is agreed upon, set your payment terms and use LyteCollect to send a payment request to your client.​ Choose a payment term between ‘Instant’ to ’45 days’.​

Invoice Due | Freelancers Payment Collection

2. LyteCollect helps ensure money gets to your bank account fast, including friendly automated reminders to your client.

Invoice Paid | Freelancers Payment Collection

3. LyteCollect will pay out based on your payment terms after your client verifies your payment request.​ Receive money 20%* faster with Lyte.​

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Who is eligible ?

Freelancers and businesses who want to free themselves from the hassles of collecting payment.

Lyte has processed more than $15m for freelancers and small businesses.

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